It all started when I asked a kind of nosy question. A few years ago, I was sitting in my Amish friend’s kitchen having coffee with her and one of her daughters. It was late February and we were talking about the snow on the ground, the freezing temperatures, and how spring just couldn’t come soon enough.
Then I noticed how tan her daughter was.
I knew I shouldn’t ask why she was tan in February, but after a while I couldn’t help myself. With a smile, she told me that she’d just gotten back from a week’s vacation in Pinecraft.
I had never heard of it.
Right away, the conversation took a sharp turn. Soon, we were talking about Siesta Key and sugar-sand beaches. Riding bicycles instead of driving buggies. Smelling fresh flowers, eating strawberries, and playing volleyball and shuffle board.
It all sounded wonderful to me!
And it is. Pinecraft stole my heart last February when I visited. My husband and I walked on Siesta Key, visited Pinecraft Park, and stood in line at Yoder’s for slices of key lime pie. We had pizza with Amish friends and ice cream cones in the afternoon.
It was warm. It was beautiful. By the time we boarded the plane, I was already planning the Amish Brides of Pinecraft Series. It launches with The Promise of Palm Grove in February.
So, pour yourself a glass of iced tea, slip on a pair of flip flops, and get ready to be charmed by a lovely place located in the heart of Sarasota, Florida.
Maybe, like me, you’ll be anxious to return again and again.
With blessings to you,

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Join me for a FB Chat on Wednesday!

Posted at Jan 20, 2015 6:25 am


Tomorrow, I’ll be hosting a chat with several ladies from Harper Collins! If you can, please join us! For those of you who have never participated, I hope you will, they are very fun! I ask four general questions, one every 15 minutes. Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered in a drawing. At the end of the chat, someone from my publisher will draw four names from the comments, and we’ll send those winners prizes. 

Yep, it’s that easy! 

During the chat, you can also ask me questions. I really enjoy the chance to connect with readers and say hello! All you have to do to get to my FB page is click on the FB icon on my website homepage. 

Below is a photo of the Amish doll and Amish cookbook that will be one of tomorrow’s prizes. 

Hope to see you there!



promise chat amish doll

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