Dear Readers,

What has your heart?
My family does. My writing buddies. My Bible study group at church. My dachshunds! The list goes on and on.
Wide Texas plains under a low, blue sky. The foothills of Colorado, scented with pine and fresh snow. Standing on the deck of a cruise ship at night and seeing about a million stars.
And being in Sugarcreek.
When I was asked to write another series set in Sugarcreek, I didn’t hesitate for a second! The original series, Seasons of Sugarcreek is pretty special to me. It was the first time I ever wrote a book set in a ‘real’ place. It was the first series where I plotted out multiple books before I wrote a single word. It was also the first series when I cried over a character! (Oh, that Lilly Allen!)
To me, Sugarcreek is everything that says family and faith and beauty. It’s rolling hills covered in snow. It’s warm spring days and fields and fields filled with corn stalks in late October.
From door to door, it takes me three and half hours to get to my favorite hotel there. By half-way, the worries of home have slipped away. By the time I get off the highway and head northeast on a two-lane road, I’m relaxed and filled with anticipation.
And by the time I see the Alpine Village and the brick factory and my Amish friends and am eating pie at the Dutch Valley Inn? Well, all I can say is that I’m usually the gal with the very big smile! Sugarcreek has my heart.
I hope you will find something to like about Sugarcreek, too!
Thanks for Returning to Sugarcreek with me.



Pinterest Scavenger Hunt This Week!

Posted at Apr 14, 2014 4:28 am

Join us for a Pinterest Scavenger Hunt!  Questions will be posted on Facebook and on my website from April 14-20, 2014.  The answers to the questions can be found here:  Not on Pinterest?  You can still find the answers by using this link.  Answers must be submitted to Laurie at by Sunday, April 20th, to be entered into a drawing to win one of six copies of Redemption in paperback!  If you answer the bonus question correctly, your name will be entered into the drawing three times.  Winners will be announced on April 21st.  Have fun and good luck!


1.      1.   Which pin on the Quilt Board has the greatest number of repins?

2.      2.  There are two pins of Psalm 118:24 on the Sayings and Scriptures Board.  This verse provided inspiration for Wanted.  What picture is on the Psalm 118:24 Wanted pin?

3.      3.  Two characters in Hopeful have a discussion about adoption.  How many orphans are there worldwide, according to the Adoption Statistics pin on the Hopeful Board?

4.      4.  Shelley loves to bake.  Whose cookbook has been pinned on the About Shelley Shepard Gray Board?

5.      5.  Find the pin labeled “Shelley Shepard Gray’s writing desk” on the Writing Spaces and Reading Places Board.  What was Shelley sipping when the photo was taken?

6.      6.  How many Coconut Cream Pie recipes are pinned on the Pie Recipes Board?

7.      7.  How many bunnies are shown in the pin of the Burlap Bunny Table Runner on the Easter Board?

 BONUS:  How many times have CHRISTMAS books have been pinned on the Shelley Shepard Gray Books Board?  Be careful!





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