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A Quick Wednesday Hi

Posted Nov 30 2011

I’ve had a pretty busy twenty-four hours! Yesterday evening, I was a guest on Janet Parchall’s radio show. We talked about Christmas in Sugarcreek, writing, and the Christmas season. If you’re interested, you can stop by Moody Radio’s website and listen to the taped interview. After that, some of my dear girlfriends from church came […]


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What I Want For Christmas

Posted Nov 29 2011

Every so often, I write a column for a local Mothers of Preschoolers Organization. This is the latest one. Do any of y’all also have ‘memorable marks’ on your dining room table? How has your holiday shopping been going? Now that my kids are both in college, their Christmas lists are very short, and very […]



Win a Set of Cookbooks!

Posted Nov 27 2011

How neat is this? Below is a link to enterto win a set of cookbooks published by William Morrow! If you click on the link, you’ll be able to read about the cookbooks highlighted…and see that Christmas in Sugarcreek is one of the books being given away! Those of you who read my blog often know […]




Posted Nov 25 2011

Yesterday I woke up early, made stuffing and an apple pie by nine am, and had our turkey in the oven by 10:00 am. While that turkey roasted, we finished decorating the house…and played with the puppy! My mother-in-law drove down from Cleveland.  It was so nice to have a very low-key holiday. Last night, […]


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‘Mom’ Time

Posted Nov 23 2011

After all those days of being on the road, I’m more than happy to be wearing jeans again, stick my hair up in a pony tail, and just be ‘Mom’. I sure am getting a good dose of it right now! When we picked up our daughter from college on Monday night, she wasn’t feeling too […]


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Tour Memories

Posted Nov 21 2011

I woke up in my own bed today, and made a pot of coffee in our coffee maker. I’ve got a load of laundry going, and watched some of the morning news from my usual spot in our living room. My little dachshund Suzy is sitting beside me, happily taking the stuffing out of one […]



Home Stretch

Posted Nov 19 2011

Last night, Vannetta, Amy, and I had dinner with readers at Plain and Fancy Farm.  We each hosted a table of about 8 readers, and I have to say it was probably my favorite evening of the trip. At my table, Alecia May joined me. She’s the executive marketing director of Zondervan, and pretty much […]


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Loving Lancaster County

Posted Nov 18 2011

Last fall, my husband and I visited Lancaster County for the first time. I signed at Berean Christian Store in Lancaster, (where we’ll be tomorrow at 10:00 am) went to a smorgasbord (where we ate way too much food), then drove aimlessly around Lancaster County. I saw a few Amish farms and stopped at  store, […]



Car Trip Day

Posted Nov 17 2011

When you were little, what did you like to do on car trips? I usually read. Every once in a while, we’d play the license plate game, but mostly I had my nose in a book. It’s funny how some things never change! Last night at our book signing, I bought Serena Miller’s new historical,  The […]



Highlights from Holmes County

Posted Nov 16 2011

Dropping in this evening for a quick hello. We just finished a book signing at The Gospel Book Store in Berlin. We’re back at the hotel for a few minutes before we meet several Amish couples for dinner. ~thought I’d share a few highlights from our time in Berlin and Sugarcreek before I run off […]


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