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See You In….

Posted Nov 29 2012

Thank goodness I already bought my 2013 calendar! Next year is sure to be a busy one! The folks at my publisher have been working really hard on my February book tour. Now that a couple of appearances have been confirmed, I thought I’d share the information and links with you. Also, if you live […]


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Still Giving Thanks

Posted Nov 28 2012

Below is a blog I wrote last week but never posted here. Though it is about giving thanks, I have to say remembering to be thankful is something I can work on everyday…not just Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is having a good week. This morning I’m going to run a few errands and then be […]


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Hoping To Take More Walks

Posted Nov 27 2012

    Over Thanksgiving,  I had an interesting discussion about the popularity of Amish novels with my mother-in-law.  I told her that a lot of my readers like to read Amish-themed books because their lifestyles are often the opposite of their busy daily lives. The Amish don’t use electricity or drive cars. Most don’t have cell […]



Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted Nov 22 2012

Popping in to say a quick Happy Thanksgiving! Here at our house, my husband Tom is in the middle of trying to get a very big bird into the oven. Over the years, he’s taken over the roasting of the turkey. I’m glad to let him wrestle with the bird~I’ve never been a fan of dealing with raw […]


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Ah, Libraries

Posted Nov 21 2012

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and I’m currently waiting for my daughter to decide if she wants to run to the mall. I told her the only way I’d go to the mall is if we went first thing this morning! She and I have done the whole Black Friday thing, but I’m not up for […]


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They’re Back!

Posted Nov 20 2012

Last night, a little after midnight, I heard the garage door open. My son was home! Rudy, too!  Next thing I knew, chaos had erupted! Suzy was barking, Butch was chasing Rudy, Arthur was bringing in baskets of laundry. And a giant dog bed. And books and his computer. Rudy? He started running laps around […]


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A Christmas for Katie News

Posted Nov 19 2012

Don’t you love being busy! I woke up this morning bright and early, ready to tackle my errands! I’ve got lots to do to get ready for Thanksgiving. Both of my kids are coming home, and my mother-in-law, too! And Rudy!  Of course, my daughter already asked for me to make her favorite chocolate and coconut […]



Christmas Book Winners

Posted Nov 16 2012

Dear Readers, Thank you so much for all of your sweet notes, thoughts, and prayers.  I’m afraid we didn’t get very good news this week about Suzy, but I did get some medicine for her, so she seems to be feeling better.  I guess God will help us to decide what to do next. Now, […]



Giving Away Some Books!

Posted Nov 15 2012

Over on my FaceBook page, I’ve shared that my little dachshund Suzy is pretty sick. She’s back at the vet today, receiving yet another round of IV fluid. No one is exactly sure what is wrong, but she’s definitely hurting. Boy, do I wish dogs could talk! Because of this, I’ve been spending a lot […]



Novel Crossing

Posted Nov 13 2012

This week, launches. It’s a new website where fans of Christian fiction can get the latest news about book releases, reviews, and all kinds of other fun stuff. I happen to be featured there this week as both ‘Shelley Shepard Gray’ and as ‘Shelley Gray’. As Shelley Gray, you can find a devotional I […]