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Off to Lancaster!

Posted Nov 4 2010, 7:25 am

First things first~if you live in the Philadelphia area, I hope you’ll consider taking a drive to Lancaster on Saturday. I’ll be at the Berean Christian Bookstore, signing copies of GRACE from noon until 2:00 pm.  I’ll be giving out candy canes and pens, too~all in the Christmas spirit, of course!

My husband and I are taking this trip together, so I’m especially excited. He travels a lot for work, so it’s hard for me to ask him to travel on the weekend, too, but we decided to turn this trip into a mini-vacation. We’re going to stay in Philadelphia on Friday and go see all the tourist spots and eat seafood. I’m also a QVC fan, so somehow I’ve managed to convince my poor guy to visit the headquarters, too. <g>

On Saturday morning, we’ll go to Lancaster, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve never been there! My Amish friend in Sugarcreek told me to be on the lookout for bright yellow buggies! I’m also excited to go to the Shady Maple. Does anyone have any suggestions of other places we should visit, either in Philly or Lancaster?



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  1. Will Carpenter says:

    In between on the way to shady maple, you could pass through Honey Brook, going west on 322 if you turn left on rt. 10 you will find numerous Amish stands along the right hand side. This is the area that Beverly Lewis writes about. Along route 322 east of Honey brook their are numerous Amish Farms. This is the center of my own writing. Also their is a Lutheran church on the left, right before you begin to get into that area of Amish. you could make a ten minute out of the way block off of 322 turn left on byrdell rd. drive down to beaver dam rd on the right as soon as you make your right their is an amish store on the left then on the right there is an Amish school on the right. you will pass tel hai christian camp ground on the left. then hit route 10 make a right and their is an Amish ‘store sitting back a drive on the left. (horses out front) The next store up is my wife and my favorite for Banana or pumpkin rolls and whoopee pies.
    Now if you care to drive out of the way on the way back and grab dinner. Our shop is 5 minutes off 422 coming off the Schuylkill expressway driving west in what used to be a Mennonite farmers market. which sit on Phila Ave. route 73. it is one of the biggest in Pa. Hoagies are complimentary of course. Don’t worry I do this all the time (secret to success) give away hoagies!

    Sorry I’m long winded, I get excited sharing with folks about the area. By the way, 322 west is on the way to shady maple! We are about forty minutes away.

    Its sounds like you will be taking the turnpike in to 76 east (Schuylkill expressway east to go into Phila. Watch for boat house row as you are nearing the city. If you are flying in, it will be on the right leaving. I’ll give you my number on facebook if you have any questions.

  2. Will, thank you so much! I just printed your notes out. Now I’m ready for the trip! : )

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