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Posted Mar 24 2012, 5:58 am

Early yesterday morning, we packed up the car and headed south. It rained for much of the time, but when we got near Paducah, the skies began to clear! We were early, so it was the perfect opportunity to drop by Books A Million and hand out cookies, bookmarks, and pens and sign stock. Then, Tom and I discovered a marvelous blue bridge! We drove across it, just to see what it was like-very narrow! The bottom of the bridge is steel, so you the wheels felt strange on it too. Frankly, we were kind of happy to get off that bridge. It was sure pretty, though.

After, we headed to the McCracken County Library, where I read part of Chapter 3 from Missing and visited with the folks there. It was a super way to start the tour!

on the blue bridge!

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