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Phone Calls Home

Posted Mar 28 2011, 7:48 am

        I had to smile yesterday afternoon. I had just called our son in Alabama to talk to him about the care package I’d sent him. We talked about the clothes I’d carefully packed in the box, the box of Wheat Thins, the peanut butter cups…the dance he’d gone to on Friday night. I probably spoke with Arthur about fifteen minutes.

       After I hung up, I felt terrible. I’d been so excited to talk to our boy that I hadn’t even thought about passing the phone to my husband. When I apologized to Tom, he told me not to worry about it. He’d talked to Arthur just an hour earlier.

       But then, when we shared our conversations, I realized very quickly that he hadn’t talked to Art about anything that I did. Matter of fact, he didn’t even know about the dance. After a few minutes, I started getting really confused. Tom didn’t know about the care package, the dance, our son’s lunch out with all his friends, or his good friend’s new puppy.

       “What did you talk to him about?” I asked.

        “His grades and his bank account.”

        Hmm…I didn’t even think to ask him about either of those things.  Guess there’s a reason our boy has two of us checking in!  <g>

       I hope everyone is having a good Monday. I had to finish reviewing final line edits for The Survivor, so now I’m off to Fed Ex. After that? Back to writing.  It’s cold here today…in the 30’s! Can’t wait for spring to stay.

      with blessings,




2 responses to “Phone Calls Home”

  1. Debbi Sprang says:

    That is funny! See how women and men thinks so differently! Glad your kids are doing good. Hope your daughters senior year is going good. The next few months will be busy ones.

    I am asking for prayer Caleb sees Dr. Grubb’s a POTS specialist this Friday April 1st at 11:00 AM. This appointment is so important. Please pray that he understands Caleb’s case and quickly can start treatment.
    The last 2 weeks Caleb has went down hill again. We had to take him out of school (was only going 9 hours a week) The fainting and seizure like episodes will put him to sleep 12-14 hours after. He sleeps and acts like a 90 year old at times. He is 13 and before this was a normal child that had seizures. If he does little activity we have episode free days but as soon as we step out the door we go down hill fast.
    As a parent this is so hard to see. Praying God gives Dr. Grubb the knowledge that can fix and help him.
    Loved your new book!

    • Shelley says:

      Oh, Debbi,

      I’ll be thinking about you and your boy! I feel so sorry for you both. It’s hard to watch your child struggle. I’ll be thinking of you all day on Friday. I truly hope the doctor’s appointment goes well.

      {hugs to you!}


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