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Shelley on the Radio…

Posted Oct 8 2010, 4:41 am

 Well, I did it. Yesterday, at 1:30, my husband Tom and I drove down to Crosley Communications Center in downtown Cincinnati for my interview with Scott Simon, the host of Weekend Edition Saturday program on NPR (National Public Radio).

It was exciting! And nervewracking! And, before I knew it, it was over and we were heading back home.  Here are a few of the things I learned, and the highlights, too:

1) Sound rooms (or whatever they are called) are pretty neat. I kept looking at all the buttons and knobs and wondering what everything did. I had to keep reminding myself to not touch anything. Tom got to be in the room next door with Kevin, the technician. He said it was awesome to watch how the show all came together.

2) Um, Shelley, you actually DON’T need to wear a suit to be taped. Funny thing about radio…no one sees you.

3) My palms started sweating when all of the sudden I heard Peabody Award Winner Scott Simon say, “Hello Ms. Gray.” That’s when I knew This Is Real!  Here We Go!

4) All in all, I think the interview went just fine. Scott asked me a little bit about the popularity of inspirational romances, and then about writing Amish Romances. He even asked me to read out loud from my book. That was the only sketchy part. Scott thought I had planned to read out loud part of Autumn’s Promise. No one had told me I was reading anything! But luckily Kendra, Harper Collins’ publicist extraordinaire, had suggested I bring two copies of GRACE to give to the radio people. So I read two scenes from GRACE. That was fun!

5) When I get nervous, my Texas accent starts making its way forward. Those first couple of lines I read from GRACE sounded like Melody and Levi came to Ohio by way of  Texas! Oops!  Very disconcerting for me, but had to make me smile, too…

6) After all, all I could do was do my best and hope it was good enough! (yes, some things we tell our kids are actually very true!)

If you’re interested in hearing the interview, you’ll need to go to, type in Weekend Edition Saturday, and look when it will be playing in your city. Or, it should be up on their website next week.

Thank you to all the folks at Crosley Communications, NPR, and at Harper Collins for making this very fun interview happen! It was an afternoon I won’t ever forget!




2 responses to “Shelley on the Radio…”

  1. Tonya Kappes says:

    Interested??? OF COURSE I’M INTERESTED!! I can’t wait. I love NPR. I listen all day in my car while driving to my different appointments. I especially love The Story that comes on at 1pm. Congrats! You look like a natural.

  2. Sharon Semon says:

    Just found your books. Will be looking for more.

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