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We Loved Lancaster

Posted Nov 8 2010, 7:08 am

My husband and I arrived home yesterday morning from our quick weekend trip to Philadelphia and Lancaster. It was very busy, but very fun. Already, I’m anxious to go back soon. So, since I seem to be in a listing mood lately, here are some of our highlights and thoughts….

* We loved Philadelphia. Our hotel was in the heart of the city, and after getting lost and turned around time and again,(I’m starting to have a love/hate relationship with my Garmin) we finally were able to park our rental car at the hotel, and walked and walked city blocks. We ate lunch on Friday at the Reading Terminal, where there were more food choices than I had ever dreamed possible.

* We also went on a tour and elevator ride up to the top of the City Hall building. How fun to be standing right below a very large William Penn!

*Before we went to the city, we drove to Westchester and visited QVC. My husband did a commendable job of looking interested while we toured the studio. : )

* On Saturday, we drove to Lancaster County. After we found out where the bookstore was, we had just enough time to drive around the city of Lancaster. That was a big surprise! For some reason, I had imagined it far smaller. Very pretty, though.

*Marv, the manager of the Berean Christian Bookstore, had such a nice display of my books all ready to go. They also had great leather chairs for my husband to sit in and read while he waited for me.

*I loved meeting everyone who took the time to come to the signing! It was such a thrill to meet people I’d only exchanged emails and Facebook notes with.

*After the booksigning, we took off to the Shady Maple Smorgasbord. Let me just say right now…never have I seen so many people in such a big restaurant. It was actually too big and crowded for us. As quickly as possible, we ate and left.

*After we ate, we drove around Lancaster County to Bird In Hand. There, I finally saw the beautiful farms and countryside I’d read about. I love how green and hilly Lancaster County is-even in November!

*Then it was back to the traffic of Philadelphia. When we got back to the hotel, we put on jeans and-you guessed it-we went to a restaurant, ate sandwiches and watched football. I owed my husband big-time! I had a good time, too~so fun to get away, and not be worried about doing dishes or laundry.

This week, I’ll be writing and getting ready to go to Ashland on Wednesday night. If you live in the Cleveland area, I hope you’ll visit me at the Ashland Library. I’ll be giving a talk there about writing and signing books.

Thanks so much for stopping by.




2 responses to “We Loved Lancaster”

  1. Linda Menkins says:

    I wished I had checked out your website earlier so I could have seen you while in Lancaster. I am so sorry to have missed you. Will you be coming back to this area?
    I just finished reading “Winter’s Awakening” and loved it and now have ordered Spring’s Renewal” to read.
    Well, hope to be able to see you in person some day and get your autograph.

  2. Shelley says:

    Linda, I’m sorry we missed each other! I would have loved to have met you. If you’re interested in a signed copy of GRACE, I hope you’ll consider going to the Berean Christian Bookstore and picking up a book. I signed about 6 or 7 copies of GRACE so the manager could have them on hand.

    Thank you for reading my books! I hope you will enjoy spring’s renewal as much as winter’s awakening.

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